Pottery & Glass Pottery & China China & Dinnerware Mitterteich
Antique Mitterteich Bavaria Hand Painted Enamel Portrait Scene Plates Set of 3
ART DECO J. Rieber Co. BAVARIA Teapot Luster Green/Black
Mitterteich Bavaria Demitasse Tea Cup & Saucer partially nude Maidens 1920's
1940's? MITTERTEICH BAVARIA COFFEE pot,creamer,sugar, 4 cups/saucers+ Nice!
Antique Mitterteich Bavaria Norway Rose Germany Leaf Dish Gold Trim #6120 53
Something Old: Lighting down not up an innovation
It is said that Louis Comfort Tiffany's famous lily lamp with glass ... China” in 1886. During the early 1900s, Greenwood Pottery and Greenwood China were listed at separate addresses in Trenton, although they were under the same management. Dinnerware ...
Collectors aglow over early lamps
The Loetz glass factory (1840-1940), in what is now ... During the early 1900s, Greenwood Pottery and Greenwood China were under the same management. Dinnerware, hotel ware, restaurant ware and other items were made. Hotel china was marked with the letter ...
Auction to benefit Shippensburg Public Library
SHIPPENSBURG — The Friends of the Shippensburg Public Library will sponsor a public auction at 2 p.m. July 30 at Hershey Auctioneering Service, 1011 Ritner Highway, Shippensburg. Proceeds will benefit the Library Expansion Capital Campaign. Angela ...
Royal baby memorabilia could earn you a pretty penny
Untroubled by the rush to bring millions of mugs, tea towels, plates, postcards and even dolls to market, the sporting Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have given their seal of approval to a plethora of items to mark the birth of their son. The new prince is ...
Porcelain pottery ware makes for precious art
Once Europe got hold of that one essential ingredient — kaolin — needed to make porcelain pottery the way the Chinese did ... that porcelain’s greatest triumphs were in China. From their first appearance in the 15th century, Chinese porcelains ...
Replacement Tea Cup for Platinum Trimmed Mitterteich Bavaria Style 2
Tea Cup Mitterteich SPRINGTIME Porcelain Bavaria
Mystic Teacup
Gravy Boat with Attached Underplate Meissen Floral Mitterteich Germany 9" Long
Vintage Bavarian China Teapot Rieber Mitterteich HANDGEMALT GERMANY
Winterlich Tea Cup Footed Collectible Bavaria Collectible
Mitterteich Bavaria Porcelain China Teapot, Creamer, Sugar, Demitasse X 7
12  Mitterteich Bavaria MEISSEN FLORAL FRUIT DESSERT BOWLS 5"  Gold Trim
Antique J Rieber Bavaria Lustre Tea Dessert Set Teapot Cream Sugar Cups Plate
Mitterteich Bavaria Germany Platinum Princess Coffee/Tea Cups & Saucers (12)
Vintage Mitterteich Norway Rose Leaf Shape Relish Dish #6120 31 Bavaria Germany
Mitterteich Bavaria norway rose dishes
Mitterteich Meissen Floral Medium Oval Porcelain Serving Platter Germany 12-3/4"
Mitterteich CHARMING BARBARA 12 3/8" Oval Serving Platter S403967G2
Mitterteich MEISSEN FLORAL Dinner Plate 4579884
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) 13 3/4" Oval Serving Platter 3804292
Mitterteich NORWAY ROSE Dinner Plate 404538
Mitterteich NORWAY ROSE 12 3/8" Oval Serving Platter S404552G2
Mitterteich LISA ROYALE Dinner Plate 2334528
Mitterteich DANIELLE (PLATINUM TRIM) Dinner Plate S959078G3
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Gravy Boat & Underplate S2662397G2
Mitterteich CHARMING BARBARA Coffee Pot 403962
Mitterteich Platinum Princess cups, saucers, creamers, gravy boat, sugar bowls
Vintage German Mitterteich Meissen Floral Set 98 Pieces - Free Shipping
Mitterteich Bavaria Demitasse Cups Saucers Teapot Creamer Sugar Complete Set 12
Set 4 Vintage Mitterteich Reticulated Porcelain Bird Plates German Pierced Bread
Vintage 1960's Mitterteich Bavarian Coffee Hot Chocolate Tea Server Pot GERMANY
Mitterteich MEISSEN FLORAL 16" Oval Serving Platter Bavaria Germany Gold Trim
Mitterteich Bavaria “Charming Barbara” Sugar Bowl and Creamer Set
Vintage Ivory & Gold Rim / Stripe Balloon Vase By Mitterteich Bavaria Germany
Meissen Floral by Mitterteich Germany Coffee Pot - Excellent Condition!
Meissen Floral by Mitterteich Germany 6 Footed Cups and Saucers
Meissen Floral by Mitterteich Germany Covered Vegetable Bowl - Excellent
One (1) MITTERTEICH BAVARIA small PLATE 075 Lilies of the Valley Salad Dessert
Mitterteich (MIT14 or MIT120) 9 3/4" RIMMED SOUP BOWL(s) (8 avail)
Vtg Mitterteich Bavaria 66 Geometric Pattern 2 Cup Saucers 2 Salad Plate Germany
Lovely Porcelain Meissen Floral Mitterteich Germany Large 9 1/2" Serving Bowl
Mitterteich Charming Barbara Oval Platter Brown Flowers Floral
Meissen Floral by Mitterteich Germany Creamer and Sugar Bowl
Vintage Mitterteich Bavarian Tea Pot Creamer 6 Cups/Saucers & Dessert Plates
Mitterteich China Lady Linda Blue/Gray Roses, Tan Stems, 9" ROUND VEGETABLE BOWL
21 Piece Mitterteich Bavaria Coffee Tea Pot Desert Serving Set
Meissen Floral by Mitterteich Germany Set of Four 8" Wide Soup Bowls
Mitterteich LADY CLAIRE Fruit Dessert (Sauce) Bowl 404279
Mitterteich DAISY BELL Bread & Butter Plate 10223948
Mitterteich DAISY BELL Fruit Dessert (Sauce) Bowl 6717306
Mitterteich LISA ROYALE Bread & Butter Plate 2334532
Mitterteich CHARMING BARBARA Salad Plate 403958
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Salad Plate 3512927
Mitterteich LYNN ROYALE Dinner Plate S404349G3
Mitterteich LADY CLAIRE Bread & Butter Plate 404274
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Saucer 3755924
Mitterteich MONIKA (PLATINUM TRIM) Soup Bowl 404493
Mitterteich DUET Dinner Plate S404061G3
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Cup & Saucer S3755922G2
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Creamer S3512928G2
Mitterteich MONIKA (PLATINUM TRIM) Soup Bowl S404493G2
Mitterteich CHARMING BARBARA Bread & Butter Plate S403959G2
Mitterteich DOGWOOD Soup Bowl 404036
Mitterteich SPRINGTIME Dinner Plate S404642G2
Mitterteich BRIDAL VEIL Salad Plate 10524338
Mitterteich LISA ROYALE Salad Plate 2334530
Mitterteich BRIDAL VEIL Bread & Butter Plate 10524339
Mitterteich BRIDAL VEIL Fruit Dessert (Sauce) Bowl 10524347
Mitterteich DOGWOOD Salad Plate 404019
Mitterteich LADY BEATRICE Cup & Saucer 6263545
Mitterteich GREEN MING Fruit Dessert (Sauce) Bowl 6441813
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Cup & Saucer 3755922
Mitterteich CHARMING BARBARA Fruit Dessert (Sauce) Bowl 403965
Mitterteich SPRINGTIME Bread & Butter Plate 404644
Mitterteich CHARMING BARBARA Soup Bowl 403971
Mitterteich GREEN MING Fruit Bowl S3779961G2
Mitterteich DUET Bread & Butter Plate S404063G2
Mitterteich MONIKA Fruit Dessert Bowl S404487G2
Mitterteich DUET Bread & Butter Plate S404063G3
Mitterteich LILAC Fruit Dessert (Sauce) Bowl 404340
Mitterteich MIT17 Dinner Plate 826819
Mitterteich MONIKA (PLATINUM TRIM) Salad Plate 404479
Mitterteich SPRINGTIME Soup Bowl S404655G3
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Soup Bowl S2662395G3
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Salad Plate S3512927G2
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) Salad Plate S3512927G3
Mitterteich SPRINGTIME Soup Bowl S404655G2
Mitterteich MONIKA (PLATINUM TRIM) Bread & Butter Plate S404480G3
Mitterteich CHARMING BARBARA Salad Plate S403958G2
Mitterteich GREEN MING (PLATINUM TRIM) 10" Round Vegetable Bowl S2662396G3
Mitterteich ETERNAL Bread & Butter Plate 404071
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Colloids and Clays: The Pre-History of Nanotechnology
Figure 1. Earthenware pottery, which has been made for centuries, relies on the nanoparticulate, or colloidal, nature of naturally occurring clay for its useful properties. Image credit: California State Parks. Figure 2. Porcelain is much stronger than ...
Liberty Glass Club holds show in Pottstown
The Liberty Bell Glass Club will present its annual Depression Era Glass, Early American Pattern Glass and AMerican Made China and Pottery Show and Sale 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Norco Fire Company, 144 W. Schuylkill Road (Route 724), Pottstown.
Antiques: Weller 'Garden Ware'
Art pottery made by Weller ... Gulliver's Travels cup and saucer, bone china, gold trim, saucer shows Gulliver pulling fleet of ships, cup shows Princess Glory and Prince David, Hammersley and Co., 1939, $95. • New Martinsville glass candlesticks ...
A call for artists
The focus will be on quality fine arts and crafts including woodcarving, pottery, oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, mixed media, china painting, jewelry, quilting, photography, stained glass and more. The show is open to artists 18 years of ...
J. Palin Thorley: Modern and Traditional Design in Twentieth-Century Ceramics
Austin, curator emeritus of ceramics and glass at the Colonial Williamsburg ... where he worked in various capacities for some of America’s largest pottery companies, including American Chinaware and Hall China. In 1949, he moved to Williamsburg ...
Vintage Collectibles & More Show at Mt. Shasta Mall
sterling silver and silverplate flatware and holloware; estate and costume jewelry; fine porcelains and china; toys and dolls; paper collectibles (including prints, maps, magazines and books); vintage clothing; and sports and movie memorabilia.